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Women's Laptop Bag

Laptop bag for women

You love fashion? You like to go to work and have your laptop or notebook usually with you? Do not go without your laptop bag in modern, elegant design. Laptops are one of the most important, practical work tools. Whether in the office, home office or at a meeting, you will always need a laptop. Safely stored, your new, stylish laptop bag elegantly accompanies you and becomes your coveted must-have. The laptop bag PICARD is available as laptop bag in gray and in brown. PICARD offers a very wide range of laptop bags, the laptop bags range from 14 inches to all kinds of other sizes, all offered in leather. If you do not know how many inches your laptop has, then you can easily measure it. Just take a folding ruler and measure the diagonal of your notebook. Note that an inch is 2.54 cm. Then you can buy the right bag for your needs.

Business class with the laptop bag ladies

Business suit, blazer, cloth pants have long been established in business fashion. Thus also begins the era of the laptop bag for ladies. The times of huge PCs with the classic Windows XP has long been over. Laptops and notebooks now rule the world. They are slim, handy and perfectly transportable. Transportable that is the key word. What is the best, safest and most comfortable way to transport a notebook? 3 guesses, the right answer is the ladies laptop bag. You certainly do not want to buy a bag that can not provide adequate protection for your laptop. Due to the fact that notebooks are becoming more and more expensive, you should also have adequate protection. The laptop bag from PICARD is available in the right size for your laptop, so that it can not slide back and forth during transport. In addition, the high-quality bag is padded from the inside, so that the laptop is double protected.

Laptops come in many different sizes and styles. For example, if you are someone who travels with a laptop very often, then you will probably have a small lightweight laptop. In this case, you probably won't have more than a 15 inch screen. We can make a list of how many variations of laptops and notebooks there are. So is the variety on the business bag for ladies. Nowadays there are the laptop bags with 13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, laptop bag 17 3 inch. These of course in exclusive materials like the laptop bag 17 inch in leather, amd the laptop bag 13 inch in leather. You will discover with guarantee your beloved laptop, notebook the appropriate, current notebook bag for you at PICARD. As you can see, we are away from the old, clunky PC s and have long since then arrived in the era of modern laptops and notebooks.

Courage to trendy work bag for ladies

The classic laptop bag in brown leather and the laptop bag in black leather has long had competition in the fashion world. You can buy laptop bags for women in many models, variations, and designs. Who likes boredom? In winter, get out your style favorite like a Bordeaux colored business bag. Stow it away well, because in the summer you give your stylish blue laptop bag a chance. Dress your laptop to match your style. You love it rather classy? Your new must-have is the laptop bag for ladies. You chase the fashion trends from Vogue and get inspired by current looks from Paris? PICARD's laptop bag series "Maggie" will complete your fashionable outfit and give you that certain something. So you don't have to worry about committing a fashion faux pas when you show up at the office with a stylish laptop bag. In this day and age, a laptop bag is a recognized alternative to the ordinary work bag.

High quality laptop bag ladies for any size

The first portable laptop was developed in 1975. That's a whole 46 years that have passed, which means there are also accordingly many laptops. From manufacturers like Apple, Acer, Lenovo and many more, the list is long. You probably ask yourself the question, can you offer a matching laptop bag ladies for each of the models? PICARD's answer "Definitely!" From laptop bags in 13 inch to 17 inch, for every size there is something. So we don't need to know exactly what laptop you own. Our quality ladies laptop bag is sure to fit your laptop. You like leather? Choose from many different colors like red, blue or classic black, your new elegant laptop bag for ladies. PICARD offers not only different sizes and colors, but also different designs. You will certainly find the right laptop bag ladies for your taste. Just click through the online store from PICARD.

Advantages of a laptop bag for ladies

Dear ladies, a laptop bag has numerous advantages and proves to be a true all-rounder. Why? We will explain that to you in the next lines. The classic laptop bag for ladies has at first thought a function. To bring the notebook or laptop safely from A to B. This done by a computer bag. But in a great way. Through the comfortable carrying strap, we can assure you 100% comfort while carrying it. Honestly, after an 8 or 10 hour day, the last thing we need is annoying shoulder, neck or back pain. Especially for people who work in the office, it is important to pay attention to a healthy back. A ladies laptop bag is not physiotherapy, but it can get you through the day comfortably and pleasantly.

You think that's it with the benefits? Would be a little weak. The laptop bag for ladies offers you, moreover, usually a large compartment for your laptop or notebook. It does not matter if you have a Lenovo or Apple laptop. Our valued laptops are safely buffered with a laptop bag. You don't have to worry about scratches or other damage. The weather will definitely not cause you any problems either. Since you have your laptop with you anyway, a ladies work bag gives you enough space for other important documents. Of course, we do not want you to stand in the rain. Pen, documents, folders possibly your wallet in your new laptop bag for women, you have everything directly at hand.

That was quite a lot of facts and features, but we would not be a popular bag manufacturer, if we disregard the designs. At PICARD you will find, current, fashionable, elegant laptop bags for women. Which certainly fit your exclusive, individual style. What are you waiting for? Look around on our website, find your new everyday hero.

Laptop bag in leather - With quality and style to the next business meeting

You probably know it: 08:00 team meeting in the office, 14:00 business lunch with new clients. From one end of town to the other end of town. Sounds pretty stressful to me. Say goodbye to styling stress! The timeless Leather Notebook Bag is at least as durable and strong as you are. PICARD loves to produce bags made of leather. The material leather stands for quality, which we do not want to miss in our products. We would like to pass this quality on to you. Since a laptop bag for women is not only a quality product, but also the perfect fashion accessory for career women with style. The days of monotony have been over for years. With current, chic designs, a laptop bag ladies adapts to your current business look. Be it with a sporty office outfit or with your elegant, classy evening wear. Uniqueness is the key to success, both in business and in fashion.

Your new must-have - laptop bag for women

Skinny jeans, trench coats, basics, sneakers. Yes, these are all fashion must-haves. Oh wait we forgot something, from now on the laptop bag is one of your coveted fashion favorites. There are just always the one fashion pieces on which you can always rely. You know it, only 20 minutes and you have to go to work. What should I wear? Each of us has the one jeans, the one blouse, where we know, come what may it looks good! No colleagues, no boss, no friends can say "Oh, that looks funny". So be it with the chic, timeless laptop bag for ladies. For this reason, you should not buy a cheap alternative, because it will certainly not be even remotely as stylish as the one from PICARD. Not to mention the difference in quality, it simply won't leave a good impression at a meeting.

Everything with you, valuables, pens, papers, folders oh yes and of course the most important: your laptop or notebook. Especially in these times, technology has become indispensable. It makes our work easier and we work more efficiently. Day by day, technology plays a more important role in our lives. In the office, in the university, in the school - the digitalization does not stop before anybody. So we design laptop bags for women, so that you are best prepared for this turn of digitalization. Don't worry with all the models of laptops anyone would get a little dizzy. PICARD has the right bag for every laptop size. The laptop bag 14 inch, the laptop bag 15 6 inch for ladies, the laptop bag 17 inch and the laptop bag 18 inch are all available in the assortment. So you can save yourself a long search for the right bag.

Combine functionality with fresh, elegant, fashionable designs and make the laptop bag for ladies your stylish must-have.


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