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Manufacturing of Faux Leather


Faux leather manufacturing does not involve animal raw materials, which is why many people consider it more environmentally friendly and prefer to buy it. Basically, the artificial leather is a collective term for materials that look very similar to real leather, but are made of plastics. Usually, there is always a base substrate, such as a fabric. This fabric is then covered with a polyurethane coating or similar plastic layer. The fabric also contains plasticizer, which provides a pleasant feel to the material. Imitation leather is used in very many different areas. There are clothes, shoes, upholstered furniture, car equipment, sporting goods, bags and much more made of artificial leather. In the past, PVC rather than polyurethane was used for the coating. The plastic polyurethane has the advantage that it is softer than the PVC alternative, which guarantees a higher wearing comfort. Faux leather has some advantages compared to real leather.

The imitation leather is usually much cheaper than products made of genuine leather. In addition, the care and cleaning is much easier. For example, clothes made of imitation leather can be easily washed in the washing machine. For leather goods, of course, this is a no-go. In the manufacturing process, there are also great advantages with the imitation leather. Faux leather manufacturing does not require the availability of animal skins on the market. In addition, it is much easier to process the materials, since, among other things, the complex tanning process of leather is also eliminated. Despite the lower price, the quality of imitation leather is also very high. The imitation leather is a very durable and long-lasting material. It is important that the material is regularly maintained, so that, among other things, the softeners are not damaged. In the worst case, the imitation leather would harden and break down over time.

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